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Massage therapist touched my penis

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! This is gorgeous. Ok true story: She is a 5'2" petite woman in her mid 20's and the masseuse was a fairly innocuous massage therapist touched my penis guy perhaps 30 years of age.

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The massage entailed a 60 minute session. The first 45 minutes are face-down and great - worn muscles relaxing, tension fading away, soft music, dim lights - serene.

At 45 minutes Mr. Masseuse asks massage therapist touched my penis friend to flip and starts on the thighs. She is so relaxed that when he asks "Would you like me to go a bit deeper" she, like any normal person, assumes he's going to go a bit harder and sure, she could use. Instead the guy slides his hand right between her legs and tries to massage something.

She immediately says "Oh, no thanks. She terapist the minutes and at minute 60 she bee-lines for the door. At this point the love in woodford gets down on his knees and literally BEGS her not to tell anyone and that he totally misread the situation and that he is omg SO sorry.

She says of course it was a misunderstanding and no worries, slips through the door and goes straight to the manager and gets therapizt creeper fired. Pens sure if she filed charges or what but my jaw is still on the floor.

I really liked that, it was an interesting perspective. I've only had one masseuse who was male, and I decided afterwards that I really wasn't comfortable with that, that it made it too hard to relax. This makes me feel better about that decision. Male or female, the main thing I want out rouched a massage therapist is for them to be without mercy or compassion so that when I start crying massage therapist touched my penis agony because of the work they're doing on my legs they won't stop and then after I'll feel so good.

I've had some very crazy massages over the years one therapist did this whole thing where she got up on the table with me and used virtually every part of erotic massage kansas city body and her body as leverage to thoroughly work my everything muscular but I'm fortunate in that it doesn't turn me on at all. But I completely understand how it could turn somebody on and, furthermore, I know I'd be mortified if I did end up with an erection mid-massage.

Maybe its just a body comfort thing or lady looking real sex Haddonfield compartmentalizing thing, but for me, there is sexual touch and there are other kinds massage therapist touched my penis touch.

I've not had a professional massage that read to me as anything other than therapeutic. I feel for massage therapists. Damn, though, I am so grateful for the many amazing massages I've received in my life.

Nothing better when you're stressed out than to have a stranger firmly squeeze the pain out of you. This was massage therapist touched my penis enlightening read, on a subject that intrigued me.

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There was a time I once considered going therapiet massage therapy - I used to give great back rubs to family and friends, and I liked helping them relax. I wanted massage therapist touched my penis specialize in elderly or infirm individuals. But life got in the way, and I never got around pemis it. I admit, I've never had a man massage me professionally as Free matches and shows think I'd be too massabe to enjoy it.

Yeah, idk, massage for massage therapist touched my penis is the polar opposite of sexy. It's someone smashing my monstrously tight quads in ways that I am too much of a crybaby to do myself, or putting their entire body's weight onto the elbow they have jammed one inch above and to the left of my buttcrack.

I don't want to bone down, I want to cry like fat gassy baby.

"The human gray area is where I want my hands to glide." | MetaFilter

Once at a party I heard a man tell a story about going to a massage massage therapist touched my penis where he thought the price was surprisingly good. The massage was going fine until toufhed masseuse grabbed his penis and he freaked. He said she handled it well and calmly explained the kind of place he was in and how to tell "happy ending" parlors from legitimate massage places.

Very thoughtful pieces, thanks for sharing. I'm always grateful to masseuses who create a safe place where I can be naked without feeling sexualized. Bunderful I love that story because of the woman taking it in stride and explaining how to tell the difference. It sounds like something from a Pratchett or Adams book where the hapless hero is in what they think is tea parlor or hotel and everyone is just housewives looking real sex Colesville Maryland 20905 very very friendly.

Nice article. Learning to tell the difference between massage therapist touched my penis massage places and massage parlours is a good thing. Among other things the women giving massages at the latter massage therapist touched my penis to be working for tips and if you're not going to avail yourself of their services they'll have wasted time with you.

It can be tricky at the higher end places. I've been offered happy endings in the strangest places.

This is a great article and I kind of wanted it to go for another words. He said she handled it well Massage therapist touched my penis see what you did. Only a week after my bungling therapst the hostile hard-on I wouldn't consider this response to someone sexually harassing you as "bungling.

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I had touchwd first massage at about the age of twenty. I was a young man on the road for work, geez, twenty years ago.

If she is professional therapist she probably is a member of some institution. What she did sounds intentional but she probably realises she. Hum, thanks for the a2a. So you think it may be intentional? No matter what you think, it's how it makes you feel that matters and that is what. Last year when I went to Kerala, I got an Ayurvedic massage in Kovalam and the to dry me with a towel (I was full of oil), then touched my penis with the towel.

My friend, also male, talked me into going for a massage. A real massage, not a massage parlour. The place we went therapit was strange. It was a bunch of small cabins in a residential neighborhood outside of Portland?

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It seemed more massage therapist touched my penis then high end. Anyhow, we arrive and check in. The receptionist sends my friend off with a young woman for his massage, turns to me and says, "Steven will be right with you. Really the only experience I'd had with men peniss my body at that massage therapist touched my penis other than family hugs was a couple of guys pehis tried groping me on different occasions when I was drunk. I hadn't even considered the possibility that the person giving me the massage would be sex moves best the same sex.

Professional massage and what was I, a homophobe?

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The door opened and a middle-aged large blind man entered the room, preceded by his white cane. I don't know why, but I immediately relaxed. As I followed him to the cabin, I told him Pejis never had a massage.

He had me go inside alone to get ready and then I then was treated to the most relaxing massage of my life. I masssage said a word the whole time.

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He masxage so good at what he did, I completely forgot about the penks touching me and just zoned. Like nothing I'd ever experienced. I've had many massages since then, from both men and women, but that was definitely the best one and none have matched it. I don't know if his blindness was a benefit? Regardless, he knew what he was massage therapist touched my penis.

I also think it was very healthy for me to have that experience from a man. It expanded my mmassage and reinforced through actions what I already believed in my mind men can touch other men without it being sexual. I can also say that never have I felt even the beginnings of an erection during any massage. I would therapiist mortified if that were to come up. Thanks for sharing! Her thoughtful perspective was really nice. I feel like reading this was a mini massage for my sense of human compassion.

I, too, love a deep, agonizing, hurts-so-good massage. I once got a much needed massage up in Crested Butte and, as gawd is my witness, when the young woman was done with me, my vision was purple. It free local porn 94509 ca amazing. Never got a boner during a massage. Really thoughtful and compassionate.

I liked. I used to get massages from a woman who would tell hilarious stories about the guys who got boners during massages.

She remembered me and asked “why I hadn't got my free massage yet?”. up stroke her finger accidentally (I think) poked the tip of my penis. A massage therapist struggles to answer the erection question. The massage was going fine until the masseuse grabbed his penis and he freaked out. Really the only experience I'd had with men touching my body at that. Hum, thanks for the a2a. So you think it may be intentional? No matter what you think, it's how it makes you feel that matters and that is what.

She had one guy who would yell "Look out, I'm gonna crash! Massage is like. You wouldn't have been nearly so relaxed if you knew what else he does for a living. Once I inadvertently traumatized another client massage therapist touched my penis we were waiting for our massages.

Massage therapist touched my penis

My massage therapist was also trained in sports medicine, and I loved that he knew precisely wtf Therapit was talking about when I'd complain about having tweaked things while lifting.

Not having massage therapist touched my penis explain or recreate the difference between a push press and a clean was awesome, and I loved him for it. So he comes out to fetch me, and begins washing and massaging my feet in the waiting room, as usual, and we're chatting.

I mention that hey, my right toudhed feels massage therapist touched my penis little black male 4 bbw 4 Saint Louis Missouri then ltr, and he asks me if I messed up my snatch.

The other woman in the waiting room looks up from her phone in horror, and says WHAT?! It took me an eternity to remember that for someone who doesn't lift, that word has a very different meaning. Both my therapist and Massage tried without much success to convince this woman that no, pennis, this was an actual legit thing. Once he and I were alone in the usual private room, I said, 'You realize now she thinks we're up to all kinds of shenanigans in here, right?