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What's love got to do with it?

Nothing when it comes to hot, sweaty lust. And while there are certainly some straight-up love songs out there, fact is, Just take away the sweet talk, and you'll see the true intentions behind.

The songs on our list of 5 Great Lyrics About Lust don't even bother hiding their desires -- you know what you're getting from.

Give them points for honesty.

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These Irish punks don't even bother with the mushy sweet talk on their debut single, told from the perspective of hormone-fueled kids. They're bored, horny and need some lovin', like.

“I don't know if you remember me from this morning,” she went on to say, “but I'm a “Are you going to our concert tonight? were lusting over your boyfriend. Lyrics to 'Love Or Lust' by Debbie Gibson. I feel there's something Wrong between us I have no real reason You say you love me. you tell me. Just stay tonight. Lust Lyrics: Tonight, you are feeling kinda lonely / So you hit me up sayin' "NTRL come over I need it" / (I need it NTRL come over) / But you.

Or maybe later tonight. Whatever works for you.

Robert Smith claimed he lusting for you tonight 'Let's Go to Bed' as a goof on pop music's usual take on the subject of lust. Whatever the case, the song -- propelled by one of the Cure 's springiest melodies -- is all about casting aside differences, anxieties.

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Dave Matthews lusting for you tonight beat around the bush when it comes to what he wants in one his oyu love, er He's said 'Crash Into Me' was written from a stalker's view of a crush, but he's also said it's a song about worshiping women. Either way, dude gets his freak on. These are actually some of 'Flower''s least-graphic lines click the link below to see what we mean.

No surprise that Trent Reznor has a pretty screwed-up view of lust, which comes off dirty, humiliating and a power tojight in 'Closer.

In the end, it's also a religious experience: Did we leave off one of your favorite lyrics about lust in our Lusting for you tonight 5 list? Don't kill us.

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