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Over the past two decades, Bears have settled in major metropolitan areas for a more suitable life. A larger community offers opportunities gay rochester minnesota an instant camaraderie to attract Bears, as well as other newcomers and visitors. If you look on Bear, the most popular gay chat site for Bear-identified men, approximately 1, members rofhester from Minnesota.

massage boulder yelp Do a search for gay rochester minnesota in Minneapolis, and you will find 47 pages of users, which accounts for approximately members. Certainly, small enclaves exist in the Duluth-Superior area and in Rochester. Everyone else is spread out among smaller towns and rural areas statewide.

In Rochester population, you will find a small but active group of Bear-identified men. In the center gy it all are Clair Wood and Richard Peters, two gentlemen with thick graying beards and sweet demeanors.

Originally from Provo, Utah, Wood came gay rochester minnesota Rochester for a job soon after his college graduation.

Seeking Real Dating Gay rochester minnesota

Through thick and thin, Wood and Peters have maintained a loving relationship that has lasted 20 years, buoyed gay rochester minnesota careers and a home. Wood was the first to discover the Bear community in the early s, when he began subscribing to Bear Magazine and the fledgling Bear Network e-mail group.

The dinners continue today on a monthly basis, attracting an average gay rochester minnesota 6 to 14 attendees, mainly from the Rochester area. In the meantime, a series of Bear coffees in early s declined because its regulars moved out of the area.

The biggest challenge facing Wood and Peters is that a growing number of guys from the region are popping up on Bear Part of the reason is the conservative nature of Southeastern Minnesota society, which can make it a difficult place gay rochester minnesota live openly as a gay man, and to identify with a subculture inside gay male society. Wood admits that some of the singles rapid city sd from their gay rochester minnesota still feel it is minnesots comfortable to drive to the Twin Cities to socialize with other Bear-identified men.

However, he notes that a weekly bar night at Rookies Bar and Grill in Rochester is an effort to reverse this trend.

One might say that both Gay rochester minnesota and Peters are keepers of the Bear lifestyle in Rochester.

However, both are unique in the way they live their lives beyond the subculture by continuing to support rochwster entire GLBT community in the region.

In every community, big and small, there are a Clair Wood and Richard Peters who are beacons for other Bear-identified men to gravitate to for a sense of belonging and socialization.

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Lavender Media, Inc. Search for: By Lavender March 12, Categories: Uncategorized Tags: Issue Sometimes, we become rocuester of Bear community activities outside of a major metropolitan area.

What about the rest of the Minnesota guys? Where are they? April 5, at 6: