Correct upkeep of your battery won't only ensure an extended life, but in addition ensure maximum performance through your scooter regarding speed and distance covered per charge. Please fins underneath are some tips about how to care your battery.

Charging from the battery.

This really is probably one of the most crucial procedures to ensure long life and maximum distance coverage. It's advisable to shell out time carefully reading the manufacturers manual for full instructions. Even when you have used your mobility scooter on the trip towards the shops or round the block It's still advisable helping put the battery on charge. In the event the battery is fully charged, the charger will will continue to release a little trickle of power straight into the battery, ensuring a maximum charge.

Keeping the battery cool.

Storing the mobility scooter and battery inside a cool dry place also will prolong the life from the battery. Although heat won't damage the battery correct storage will improve performance.

Greasing the of terminals.

Regular greasing from the terminals will prolong the life from the battery. Greasing ought to be performed as section of the In case your mobility scooters service, but regular checking and greasing if required also will prolong the life from the battery.

Ensuring the battery is kept clean.

Damp and wet conditions can cause harm to the battery if you scooter and battery get wet or damp simply wipe down which has a cloth ensuring It's kept as dry as they possibly can.



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